01885-Real Time by Peter Turner


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In this e-book there were 2 gems that I absolutely loved, and will put to good use immediately, one of them I was already using, but I like the way Peter has layered it to make it more deceptive.
First gem of this ebook.
This routine reminds me of something Juan Tamariz put out in his Lessons in Magic videos long ago, but I like how fair everything is, and knowing Peter he has worked this, and has fooled laymen and magicians a like. Now that I finally had a chance to read it, it is a worker in every sense.
The Reverse Restriction Principle & The Phantom Dictionary Test
If you have read some of Michael Murray’s work, this has elements of a principle he uses a lot, which I have used, and this is totally impromptu.
Short and Cheeky Essay
Here Peter pours his heart out and explains a few things from his past releases like Dare to Be Bold, worth reading.

Missing in Action

The second gem to this ebook. I have been using a principle that I purchased from Luca Volpe, using this technique, but the way Peter has closed it, comin full circle is brilliant, because he has added it to a pin code divination, something impossible, and the spectators divine Peter’s pin code.
This is nothing like what is written in Bigger Fish 2 or When in Rome, I feel this is better. Easy to execute, and you can focus on presentation.
All in all, if you can get at least 1-2 things of any release, I feel it is worth it, here 2 gems were shared, more than worth it.