02994-Tarbell 85 – Card Magic


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Fred Lowe’s Card in Glass:
Reveal a chosen card by having it appear inside a mason jar while covered by a handkerchief.

Audley Walsh’s Three Card Monte:
A handy little convincer you can add to any three card monte routine allowing you to mark the money card yet still get away with the swindle.

Barry Stevenson’s Card in Wallet:
A selected card appears in a previously examined empty envelope held by the spectator.

Bob Gunther’s Repeat Card to Wallet:
A no-palm card to wallet, instantly repeatable with no reset.

Eric Peterson’s Card Prediction:
A stand-up piece where your helper magically matches three hidden cards in increasingly impossible ways.

Mel Jones’ Shower of Cards:
You’ll learn how to catch a chosen card out of a flutter of falling cards using two different methods.

Lubor Fiedler’s Sure-Fire Force:
A wonderfully clever method that takes care of both forcing and vanishing a card, which you can make reappear wherever you want.

X Equals Five:
An incredible paper-folding playing card revelation.

Know a card at any number rolled by 3 dice.

Mental Thought Pin-Up Girls:
Print your own business cards with your bare hands.

Oriental “Decoder” Prediction:
How to decode strange alien messages.

Orville Meyer’s Miniscape:
A mini card escapes from inside a lamination.

The Baxter-Lorayne Wrap-Around Reverse:
How to reverse a chosen card in a deck placed out of reach on the table.

Bob Baxter’s Rising & Vanishing Card:
Make any card rise out of the deck while covered, and eventually vanish completely.