03181-In a Pig’s Eye by Danny Archer


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Once in a while a miracle comes along that is so absolutely amazing that audiences everywhere crown the performer the king of all magic….this is not one of those tricks! It is however, a truly entertaining and fun bit of business that audiences of all ages will enjoy!

This is not a routine that can easily be written up. You really need to see it and after that, we’re pretty positive you’d want one for yourself! It’s a comedy prediction of an animal filled with lot’s a color and laughs. It comes complete with everything you need and the full script for squeezing out it’s full laugh potential. This will easily lend itself to almost any show…kids or adults, it’s a guaranteed laugh getter. You can use for audiences of few people or a few hundred and best of all the price is crazy cheap!

If you work in front of audiences of any kind…try this out – you won’t be disappointed!