05430-Invisibly Triumphant by Kyle Littleton


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Our own Kyle Littleton is an exceptional sleight-of-hand talent. He debute‏‏‎ ‎th 400 Lux, the best Ones to Hundreds change we’ve ever seen, and now he’s back with his signature card effect, “Invisibly Triumphant.” This is a THOUGHT-OF-CARD Triumph that is entirely in the hands. At Vanishing Inc. Magic, we watch everything with an eye toward one simple thought: “If you could really do magic, what would it look like?” And for this effect, it would look JUST LIKE THIS. 

No angle issues
Three key moves taught that can be used in many other routines
Entirely in the hands
You hand the spectator a deck of cards and ask him to shuffle the cards face up into face down. Then you spread through, asking him to think of any card he sees. He names the card. You wave your hand. All the cards are face down except for the thought-of card.

There have been thought-of card triumphs before, but never has the handling been so soft, so clear, and so natural. Best of all, the handling is actually within the realm of even basic card handlers.