05436-Skim & M’ by Ben Williams


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Taste is a very personal thing, and nothing drags us back to childhood like our favorite pack of candy.

Imagine being able to craft any candy at your fingertips back then?

Skim & M’s is Ben Williams sequel to his continual best seller OCL. Allowing you to completely transpose 2 different packets of candy with a simple wave of the hand. 

TV magic for the real world. With a sprinkle of nostalgia on top. 

Forget Wonka-vision…This is the trick Willy Wonka could only dream of.

– Fully Customizable.
– Self-contained gimmick.
– Hands are completely empty.
– The spectator can even EAT the candy.

Featuring almost an hour of in-depth instructions, Ben takes you by the hand and whispers all the details to performing REAL world TV magic with candy.

출처: https://rnsqkfdlsla.tistory.com/3560 [Magic Review Only]